Our products

We are ready to offer You D grade coal of various fraction at a reasonable price. If necessary we can vary coal’s qualitative factors which lead to different calorific heat values and price. We kindly ask you to notify basic (desired) calorific heat value in your application.

Our production

Operation processes involve high-efficiency equipment:

— KOMATSU PC 750-7, PC 400-7, and HITACHI 650 digging machines
— BYELAZ 7547 (45 tones) high lift dump trucks
— OMATSU WA380-3 loading machines
— SHANTUI SD 23 crawler dozers

Grinding and sorting facility that allows the production of 5 types of coal: DOMSH, DMSH, DO, DKP, DKO.

Buyer’s benefit

Hard coal without overpay
Up to 25% economy as a result
of the direct work with a producer
100% following the shipment terms and deadlines
Quality guaranty

About us

“DalEnergoUgol”, ltd., is located in the Oktyabrsky municipal district of Primorsky Krai in strategical export-oriented closeness to railway transit points to China: Suinfunhe / Grodekovo station of the Far Eastern Railway - 85 km, Hunchun / Kamishovaya station of the Far Eastern Railway - 220 km, and seaports of Vladivostok (150 km) and Nakhodka (280 km). Location is an undeniable advantage of our open-pit mine, particularly the closeness to the points of cargo release, which allows to perform coal shipment in a very short-term. As the matter of fact, today our company is the only mining enterprise that specialise on the extraction of the hard coal in Primorsky Krai.

Capacity of the open-pit mine allows to extract and ship around 150 000 tons of coal products in a year. If necessary year volumes can be increased.

Our networking abilities in the sphere of Russian coal miners allow us to rapidly organise shipments of coal products from other regions of the Russian Federation (i.e. Kuzbas, Siberia).


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